Playstation 3 Emulator

The abilities of playing consoles on a standard computer is a reality. This gave me motivation to look for a playsation 3 Emulator where I could get the games of my PS3 to work on a standard PC.

In my mind I planned to have the titles I had on Dvd and put them to work in the Playstation 3 emulator but with the computer. I have several computers in my house and in the places im usually at, on the other hand having just one sony console. Then I could just take the Dvds of the games and play them with the Playstation 3 Emulator but thats before I found out something else. Im not new to emulators and I have used many others before but a Playstation 3 Emulator is on another level in terms of consumes.

I did search for Youtube videos of a Playstation 3 emulator and found several results. I download almost hundreds of those Playstation 3 emulators unfortunally none of them were working and some even damaged my computer with spywares and things like that. that was until I found this video:

This software is realy the best there is and I know want Im talking about because I looked everywhere, my advice is to get PS3EMU as this in my opinion is the best Playstation 3 Emulator with amazing support and instructions.

Now that I’ve been looking around for a Playstation 3 emulator I found this website which had proper explanations and a download page of both a Playstation 3 Emulator and Bios. One thing I noticed is that all others Playstation 3 Emulators were missing a Bios and this could be the reason as to why they failed to run.

I have a vacation place i go to and now I won’t need to take my Playstation with me or my games. With this playstation 3 emulator you can just backup your games as iso files and PS3EMU will run it normally. storing the games in one device helps me to have them at hand. I take it with me and and keep all other things at home. Dont need to plug everything and do all the messy stuff, just take the disk with you and the Playstation 3 emulator and you are ready to go.
Facing issuesI had some problems with it in the beginning and was always getting critical error messages but since I updated the Bios all as been working ok. And all in all, this Playstation 3 Emulator is very recent besides that fact that they have a good support. I had some doubts on what to do and they wrote back.

So go to their website and get the Playstation 3 Emulator.